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Contact and Services Policy


     Our Location:  
         Suit 100A
424 Fort Hill Driver. Naperville, IL 60540 
         Tel: 888-808-8878
         Fax: 630-904-3368

     Hours of Operation:   
         Office Hours 8:45am - 4:45pm 
         Monday to Friday


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Secure Shopper Guarantee:

       DPSale.com is making sure that you can shop in our online store without worrying about the safety of your credit card information. Your sensitive financial information is securely stored on Paypal Web Server. Information is automatically sent with a high level of data encryption. PayPal's three industry-leading safeguards ensure your money and information stays safe when you pay with PayPal.

Cancellation Policy:

1.   Call us by phone as soon as possible when you know that you want to cancel an order.
2.    If your shipment has not been sent out and you speak with a customer service representative, you may cancel your order and stop the order process.
3.   You must send us an email to state you name, order number and reason for cancellation. Keep your sent email as a proof that you tried to cancel the order at a certain date and time.
4.   We must send you back a cancellation confirmation. Until you receive this email, your order has not yet been cancelled.
5.   We will credit your money back less then 4% credit card transaction fee.

Return Policy:

Do not ship products back to us without a return goods authorization and instructions. Your goods will ship directly to wholesaler. We will not  handle any reture after 20 days.
.    To report shipping damage, call us and email us, Make sure you write subject to Inspection on the delivery receipt. Do not sign your name or the delivery receipt unless you are 100% certain there is no damage.
3.    Inspect your package thoroughly right away. Do not assume the items are undamaged because of the box is undamaged. You should mark any damage on the delivery receipt.
4.    If you are shipped a different product than you ordered. Please call us and email us right away to avoid restoring fee.
5.    General return will charge 25% restocking fee plus reimbursement for any free shipping offered on the original order.
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